Zynrg features

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Integrate the mail application of your choice with ZynRg using our MAPI connector
Read about how to make and add an activity to calendar and assign activities to others as well as how to set up reminders
See how to merge mails and documents in ZynRg Clients
Write mails directly in ZynRg Client
Importing and exporting online contacts to and from ZynRg Client can easily be done with the Import and export wizards.
Design you own templates for later use when merging with mailing-lists to send for example newsletters
Accessing and working with your accounts and contacts in a simple and user-friendly database, optimized with its users in mind
Will help you do your work faster and smoothly. Can easily be edited to fit precisely your company and needs
How to merge mails to send to multiple contacts
Learn how to use and manage your visible calendars and see the calendar of those under you in the team hierarchy.
Import mails from the mailing platform of your choice to ZynRg for easy access and past mailing history of your accounts etc.
See how accounts and contacts relate to each other
Setup which parts of ZynRg you would like to be able to get updates from with a click of a button.
Customize the history of accounts, contacts, documents and more, to show the specific information you need.
Give groups of contacts, documents or accounts a common name tag
Keep documents separated in different libraries, to avoid sending sales related documents to subscribers to your newsletter
Lets you customize the filters to fit your specific needs
Manage all your documents in ZynRg Client to keep all you important files and documents in an easily accessable database.
Customize and save your reports directly in ZynRg Client!
Set up the rights of and to which extraordinary functions each user may access.
Filter by group to quickly access a specific group of contacts, accounts and more.
Manage users and their teams, as well as each users subscription and roles.
ZynRg's Map feature can be found in the Accounts and Contacts windows
Add your Outlook Calendar data to ZynRg Client's own Calendar to have it easy accessible whenever you need it
Integrate the mail application of your choice with ZynRg using our MAPI connector
Keep updated on everything sales related by setting up the sales Dashboard