Administrative roles

ZynRg has several administrative roles that can be assigned to users or are automatically given to them, as for example the " FAU, First Admin User", more about this administrative role below.

These roles determine the rights of the user and which functions that they may access. Users can have more than one administrative role at a time. By assigning a new role to a user, all rights and functions tied to it will be automatically accessable to the user. 

The administrative roles can be set up individually for each user in the user/team manager, more about how here.

The administrative roles are:

FAU, First Admin User

This role is automatically assigned to the user who created the ZynRg account and setup the system.
A FAU has access to everything and can therefore setup databases and parameters for the system as well as add new users and give them administrative roles of their choice.


Users with the administrative role "Administrator" has the same rights as the First Admin User, the only difference is that they got their role assigned to them by the FAU instead of getting it automatically assigned.

Account manager

This administrative role enable the user to be Account Manager on Account/Contact forms, and in the Sales module in general.

DataBase Administrator

Assigning the role "DataBase Administrator" to an user allows them to edit and maintain operational data such as PickLists, as well as see and undo deleted records. The pickList are important for all other user, by being quick entry information that can easily be added anywhere in ZynRg Client. PickLists comes whit preloaded data, but can be tailored to your specific needs by the Database Administrator, for example. 


Users with this role assigned to them can maintain the library functions, select documents for Sales library etc. which are then the libraries that other users may take their documents from when attaching to their mails. The librarian makes sure there are order in all the documents and that for example only Subscription newsletters can be found in the appropriate folder in the library and nothing sensitive that can be accidentally attached and sent to the wrong receiver. 


This kind of user can be selected as a "reports to" in the User/team Manager and in that way be above other users in the company hierarchy. By being above someone in the company hierarchy you have special rights and functions accessable to you, such as being able to view the calendars and work progress of those below you. Read more about team and hierarchy controlled ownership here.

Sales Manager

These users are Regional managers, and others, like the Account managers, reports to them. Sales managers can sort Account Managers' work progress in a funnel in the sales module.