Design: templates and preloaded data

Design your templates, reports and tags, save and re-use all your data in one place.

Design tool in CRM

Design tool includes:

  • Template designer
  • Advanced filters (by group, user, tags, etc.)
  • Pick lists
  • Tags
  • Reports.

Preloaded data and auto-fill in ZynRg CRM is there to help you increase your productivity as well as let your work run smoothly. Continue reading to see where to find these and how they can help you best possible.

Merge Templates

Merge templates tool in CRM

Also the Merge Template, which can be found under the design tap at the top of the ZynRg CRM window, has preloaded data. As shown in the picture above, Primary Use has the possibility to choose between "General" and "Opportunity E-Mail". DataSource Type, Type, Use and Category already have data for you to pick between, as well. Category differs from the others by allowing you to access and set up the PickList yourself in the PickList Editor. More about that below. To continue reading about Merge Templates and how to edit and design them click here.


Like Merge Templates, Reports can be found under the design tap. DataSource Type, Use and Category have preloaded data, with Category having the possibility to editing the list yourself in the PickList Editor, just like in the Merge Template window. Read more about reports and how to edit them here. 


Picklist with preloaded data in CRM

The PickList Editor allows you to tailor each PickList to your company's specific needs. As you can see in the picture below, the available PickList are named according to the fields they represent. For example the "Contact Stage" PickList is tied to the "Stage" field in the "Contacts" window. This way you can easily find the PickList you wish to edit, even if it isn't the one you originally entered the PickList Editor from.

If you are not satisfied with the preloaded values for each PickList you can easily press "Add" and write your own values, as well as click "delete" to the values that you wish to remove. It is also possible to move a value up or down on the PickList for better usability - putting the most commonly used values at the top for easy access for example.

Further more the picklist editor has options for you to choose between, separated in two categories: Administration and Extended Options.

Administration let you export the selected picklists (you can even select all picklist by ticking the box at the top of the picklist editor), as either an excel file or as a .dat, which are also the file formats that you can import. A list of values for the picklist, written in Microsoft Excel can be imported to the picklist editor by clicking import and selecting the wanted file. Clear Selected removes all values from the picklists you have chosen, but does not remove the available picklists.

Extended Options let you tick boxes: Multiple Entries, which makes it possible to choose more than one value in the picklists. Limit to list, makes it impossible to write free text as value in fields, you have to chose a value from the picklist. Sort values, sorts the values alphabetically. Required, will turn the field yellow if no value has been selected. 

Postal, City and Country

This function is available only for administrators. ZynRg CRM provides the data of a country, where company operates.

How to find: go to 'Contact details', chose a Record, select item in the field 'Address' och click to create a new one.

Automatic address in CRM

This feature is especially useful when adding postal and city details, as well as country. Auto-fill and suggestions increases productivity by making sure the correct data is always filled in, and making it unnecessary for you to write the city etc. name yourself.

In the Postal & City fields you will only need to write the postal code, and the city name will be added automatically. The same happens when you start writing a country name, as you can see in the above picture, writing "ger" makes Germany pop up as a suggestion, pressing enter will then auto-write Germany in the field. If Germany is not the country you were looking for just continue writing and a new country will be suggested.