Report designer

In ZynRg Report Designer you are able to create and customize reports to fit your specific needs.

Accessing the report editor

Under the design tab you will find "reports" which when clicked will open the reports window as shown below. To access the report editor simply click the "Edit" button.

The report designer will take a few seconds to load...

And a window like the one below will open.

Here you will be able to set up and design the report to have precisely the features and information that you require.

After saving the report you can easily access and further edit the report from the document manager.

The report designer has three tabs at the top of its window: Report Designer, Print Preview and HTML View. Furthermore there are several options for setting up the report to the right side of the designer. Here you can for example access the report explorer that lets you add and edit labels in the document, and the Property Grid Which lets you design the reports appearances and behavior, design, data, and much more. Feel free to visit our Forum if you have any questions.