Administrative Roles

These are the build in Administrative roles in ZynRg, by assigning one or several of them to a user, the user will automatically get the elevated user rights and access to new functions.

  • Administrator
  • Account manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Librarian
  • Manager
  • Sales Manager

FAU, First Admin User

This is the user who initially created the account and setup the system, have rights to all, and can add users, setup databases and configure parameters for the system.


This gives same right as the First Admin User, assigned to others users.

Account manager

This role will enable the user as Account Managers on Account/Contact forms, and in Sales module in general.

Database Administrator

This role let the user edit and maintain operational data like picklists and see and undo deleted records.


The User can maintain the library function, select documents for Sales library etc. 


a Line manager can be selected as Reports to for Users

Sales Manager

Regional managers, Account managers reports to a Sales Manager. 

To be updated, also new Admin roles will come.