Merge Template Designer

The template feature allows you to create and edit your own templates for mails and documents.

How to find: 'Design' - 'Templates'

To open the Merge Template Designer you simply, choose templates as shown below and then edit.

Work with templates in CRM

This makes it possible for you to set up a standard letter for you to send to your customers, for example a newsletter that you need to send to +100 subscribers, or a letter with the most common information for when you need to send a proposition, making it faster and easier for you to do your work. When you actually need to send the letter, you just need to adjust your text that you wrote beforehand in the template, to the individual customer and send it.

When getting writing a newsletter to your whole company or default offer letter to new customers, you will only need to write the template once and store it in the ZynRg client for later use. Then you can easily merge the template with the mailing-list of your choice when you need it. We aim for better automation and ease-of-use for everyone using our CRM system.

The designer

When pressing edit you will open a ZynRg document which you will be able to access and edit in the document manager as well as from the merge templates window.

Email template editor in CRM

This document type works like any other document writer, but has a special tab called merge, as you can see in the picture above.

Here you can quickly add the kind of information that you want the template to extract from the contacts that you choose to send the template to.

For example adding "user name" and "address" to your merge template document will make the template extract the user name and adress of the people on the mailing list you choose to merge the document with and insert the information in the places you added "user name" and "address".