Mail merge/document merge

ZynRg's Merge Engine has many functions, it can be used for merging a pre made merge template with a mailing list to be sent from ZynRg. This can for example be useful when sending a newsletter to several subscribers or when sending a group-mail to all your employees.

Merge emails and documents in CRM

You can write a subject, which is the name that your mail will have when it gets sent to your chosen mailings-list. 
Then you choose one of your merge templates, which can be set up and designed before hand.
Lastly a group of people who will receive your mail has to be chosen, these groups are the filters that you have set up in your accounts or contacts category. You can also set up filters to fit your wishes.

Tags let you further decimate the receivers of your mail, letting only them with the chosen tags get your mail.

If you want to send a document together with your merged mail, your simply attach this in the according field by clicking the 'add' button. 

Target let you setup if the merged template should go to mail and get sent directly, to a document or to the printer. by choosing either document or printer, the "attached" field will be removed. to he right side of the Merge Engine you can click preview and see how the mail, document or printout would look before clicking merge. Here below is shown an empty merge template, but as you can see all the recipients are shown the left of the window and you can click on each of them and see how the mail/document/printout would look to that specific contact. 

Clicking merge will let you merge the chosen information as you wish. shown below is Merge to mail with a target size of 2 recipients (target size shows how many would receive the chosen type of merging). As you can see the contact which already has an email tied to it is "successful", while a warning is shown for the contact that do not have an email. This let you either cancel (will bring you back to the merge engine window), or you can ignore the warning and only send the mail to the recipient which has a mail-address.