Group mails

A tool to create group mails as newsletters for your customers. Select your target group easily, using tags.

To write a Group mail you'll need to click the merge button at the top of the vanilla window, this will open the Merge Engine.


Or go to contacts and click on the icon 'Merge'.

While the contacts or accounts window is open the merge button will have another position.

How to send group mails

Merge engine for emails

When everything is set up, clicking "Merge" opens a window with all the contacts you wish to send the mail or document to, with a green color on the contact where you have their email address and a red color on those you don't.
If you proceed and one of your contacts doesn't have an email associated with them you'll get a warning before sending. You'll be able to dismiss the warning and the contacts with emails to their name will have the mass mail sent to them.

After choosing a subject for the mass mail you'll need to select a template, the templates can be custom made but some pre-made templates will be at hand. Read how to make the templates yourself here.

Afterwards you choose which group of contacts you want to send your mail to and if it's even more specific you can choose or create a tag to use. 

On the right side of the engine you'll see the "target size" showing you how many contacts meet the criteria.

Adding an attachment is the same as in the standard mail window, clicking add will open a window with documents which you can click and add to the group mail.