Filter Designer

The Filter Designer or Filter Editor can be accessed from the design tap at the top of the ZynRg Client window. It can be used to setup various filters for improved performance, by quickly accessing the accounts, contacts or documents within a specific filter.

The system administrator is able to setup the filter and who is able to view and use them, this can be different groups or teams. More about how to set up the teams and groups here.  For example the sales team, might need a specific filter making their job easier, while the service department need another.

Name and Category

In the Filter editor you can choose a name for the filter and a category the filter will be included in, this category determines which place the filter will be available.  For example filters with the category "Accounts" will be used there, while the filters with the category "Contacts" will be available in the contacts window. Here below is a picture of the filters available in the Accounts window.


Various criteria can be set: Custom Criteria, Tags Criteria, Time Criteria, and User Criteria.

The custom criteria are widely customizable and can filter for a wide range of actions to fit exactly your specific needs and wishes. This is possible by choosing, here we will use Accounts as an example as shown in the pictures below, one of the many choices you get.

The choices you can make is determined by the category that you have chosen beforehand.

By having Accounts as Category the choices will be the fields and boxes that you can add information to in the accounts window, this way you can filter for accounts that have specific information in a specific field or box, like in the picture below this can be all accounts with the box "do not solicit" ticked aka is true.

Time criteria lets you filter for accounts or contacts, etc. that have been added: Latest, ThisWeek or LastWeek, while Tags Criteria let you filter for, for example Accounts, with a specific tag. These tags are customizable in the Tag Editor and can be made to fit your company perfectly. Read more about Tags here.

The last type of criteria possible to be set up is the User Criteria. For example having the criteria set as AccountManager will let you filter for contacts or accounts that have you as Account manager.

Used by and Enabled

Lastly you can set up "Used by", by ticking the boxes of the groups or teams that you would like being able to see and use the specific filter that you are working on. These groups can be made and managed here. This way only DB managers can see which accounts has been deleted, as shown in the picture below.

"Enabled" let you disable filters that are not necessary right now or those that haven't been properly set up yet, and enable them when you are ready.