Custom History

In ZynRg you're able to customize what you want to log to the history, all from account information and contacts to system changes.

As show on the picture above you can choose what type of activity to looks for in "domains", whether its account related, an actual activity that has been done (upcoming activities can be viewed in activities tab) or even mails that have been sent to, in this case, the account.  you can also filter by who's responsible for the event that has been logged. further more you can filter by category and choose to only see for example, notes or property changes, completed or deleted events.

How to customize it

The history settings menu is where you're able to choose what information to log to the history. As you can see in the picture above there's different types of groups with information that can be logged and some groups have more information to log than other. You can choose to log almost all information for the Account manager whereas some smaller items like the start date of something will of course not have the same options.