Email integration, send/recieve (MAPI, IMAP/Exchange)

In ZynRg Client you can integrate your ZynRg mailbox with Microsoft Outlook or any other mail application of your choice.

By doing so, you will receive all mails from the mailing platforms you have integrated with in Zynrg Client, making it possible to keep track of all mails under each contact and account. ZynRg will only integrate emails for the contacts that are already known and ignore all other emails, like private emails !

If using our MAPI connector you can connect and reuse your outlook configuration, precisely as it's setup, without doing anything further. if you use a cloud based mail system, or Exchange we can also connect to that, on a per account basis.

If you need to receive and handle group based emails, like a shared "" emailaddress then you need our server product where the integration is done on the branch server. 

It is also possible to write mails directly in ZynRg client, replying to a mail that you have received on another platform, and send it from ZynRg, via the mail application the mail came from, to the receiver. 

By integration it becomes possible to keep a thorough chronological history of all your correspondence, This is important for the history of the contact or account that you are communication with. This history is visible to others that have permission to view the specific account etc. and this way you can easily set up activities related to the mails like scheduling a follow up reply, or add scheduling events from the emails to your ZynRg calendar, keeping track of everything in one user friendly database.