Write letter/Mail

Writing mails in the ZynRg client is similar to other mail programs, you can attach documents, setup template mails and you're even able to link your mails in ZynRg to Outlook.

Mail system in CRM

How to write an email in ZynRg Client

By clicking the "add" button when choosing who to send the mail to you'll get a list of your contacts in ZynRg and will be able to choose multiple contacts from the list.

How to add address in email

If you haven't added the person you want to mail to your contacts, you can click drop down button next to the add button and write their name and email.

Adding attachments

When adding an attachment a window like the one below will open.

Here you'll see all your different documents linked to the ZynRg client, just click the document you're looking for and click the Attach button.

If you didn't name the document when creating it, it will by default be called "ZynRg Document".

When everything is written just press 'send'!