Activity management and reminders

Activity management and reminders feature, which works to ease your work and keep you up-to-date with your tasks and events; to make sure you never miss anything important, whether it's a call to a new potential customer or a reminder to send your laptop to repair.

Activity dashboard in CRM

How it works

In the activity field in ZynRg Client you can see all the activities you have made, as well as choose what type of activities you wish to look at in the taps at the top of the window; these range from "PhoneCall" to "Communication". The last tap in the row is the history tap, and does not show a specific type of activity, here it is possible to see the activities you have already finished and pressed complete to.
Set up a meeting in CRM
These do not show under the tap "All". The small icons to the side of the activity window shows what kind of activity it is, for a quick overview. In the top row you can write in each field to search for a specific activity, from what its about to when the activity should end.
To create a completely new activity you press one of the buttons at the top left of vanilla, as seen in the picture below, choosing what kind of activity you want.

Activity Schedule

By double clicking an activity you reach the "activity schedule" where you can choose between two taps: activity details and recurrence.

Activity Details

In activity details it is possible for you to set up the time for when the activity should be done, as well as setting up parameters for how the activity will look in the calendar. All activities get automatically added to the calendar of the person you assign as leader of the activity. You can choose a leader among the users you have set up in user management.

As you can see when setting the category of the activity it is already possible to choose between an assortment, which differs depending on what kind of activity it is that you are editing. For example does "Phone Call" have follow-up, sales, and campaign among others, while ToDo has travel arrangement, notify finance, demo, and so on.

Also "regarding"'s preloaded data differs depending on what activity you are making, regarding is what will be visible as the name of the activity. another item with preloaded data in the activity details window is "location" but this one does not contain different information depending on the activity type. In ZynRg CRM it is possible to edit the list among which you can choose a preloaded data  by pressing edit and accessing the PickList Editor.


In the recurrence tap you can set up the interval for an activity that will be repeated. You can choose the time and how often the activity will be happening as well as for how long the activity will be recurring, this can be done with a number of times the activity will happen or a specific date that the activity should end.

How to complete an activity

To complete an activity you just press the complete button in the activity schedule window, which will open a new window where you can set up when you completed the activity: if you want to complete it as schedule, complete it at the given time that you press the complete button, or choose a specific time on your own.

It is also possible to set up whether the activity was successful or not or if it was cancelled or completed. In schedule follow-up you can choose a type of activity to be setup and created after you press complete to the current activity. It is also possible to tick a box for transferring your notes on the completed activity to the new one. Completed activities get automatically moved to history in the activity window.


Alarm reminder in CRM

In the Activity Schedule you can also tick the box for alarm, and set up an interval for when you would like an reminder before the actual activity starts. This interval can range from zero minutes to two hours.

Choose alarm time in CRM

Another feature of the ZynRg reminders is that you can press the "GoTo Account" button and go directly to the account regarding the activity in question.