Importing account contacts and addresses into the ZynRg Client can easily be done with the Import Wizard, and exporting is just as easy using a similar Wizard.

Data and emails import in CRM

At first you'll have to choose which file to import from, the file format can be .csv (comma file) and MS access.

Then you'll have to choose the file format and set a delimiter to separate the data strings

The text qualifier is used to distinguish between data and text in the file. When clicking on advanced a window like the one below will appear.

Under advanced settings you're able to set the type of encoding and have a preview of the data you're importing.

If the file you want to import contains non standart signs it's important to choose the right encoding so the wizard can import the signs correctly.

In the next window you can set the default Account manager and Owner, or leave them blank if it isn't needed. The defaults are used if a fields with an account for example doesn't have a set manager or owner, then the value you set in the wizard will inserted in the blank fields.

You can also set a Lead Source or the targeted group, the group is default  Accounts/Contacts but setting a lead source isn't necessary to continue the import.

The parameters you can set will help assure the data fields in the file are unique and you don't import multiple fields with the same information. the key field is what information you'd like to keep unique, the account id or a phone number which you don't want more than one of each imported. When the tick box is ticked the wizard will check if some data fields are with the same information and only import one of them.

When all settings have been set you'll get a summary of everything before beginning the transfer.

When clicking next your file will be imported and you'll have completed the wizard.