Mailimport, migrate and sync. (MAPI)

In ZynRg Client it is possible to import your past mails from other systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Firebird and even Google mail. This lets you add history to your accounts and contacts and more, that you have already imported to ZynRg Client. You will be able to see all mails send to and from a specific contact in an user-friendly customizable history overview. And depending on where you are in the company hierarchy, that has been set up in Zynrg, you will also be able to see the mailing history of the people under you in the team hierarchy to and from the account that you are viewing at the given moment. 

Sync your future mails by clicking the appropiate button at the top of the picture shown above, and import mails from the mailing platform you have set up and connected to your ZynRg Client account. 

Importing you mails from the mailing platform of your choice will also sync the platform to your ZynRg Client account, which leads to the client continuing to import future mails to your account, for safe keeping and easy access. This makes it easier for you to keep track of all correspondence, and never miss an important mail.